Launch Date
July 2017
Website Design

The goal was to create a web identity for a small company from Poland that provided mathematical courses. The work I've done on this project was very valuable because I had the opportunity to do all the workflow steps by myself. This included research, branding (arranging a photo session with the company owner), designing, and programming the website.

Creating the branding included research on the competition, working closely with the client to pin down the target audience, and then exploring multiple ideas to achieve the final look that fulfilled the requirements.

After researching educational courses, it occurred to me that the main problem when capturing leads in this field was trust—parents enrolling their children in a course are very sensitive and would like to know as much as possible about the company upfront. To solve this, I arranged a photo session with the client to obtain high-quality photos of him and then created the whole website concept around the photos which turned out to work nicely, resulting in an immediate connection between the brand and the website viewers.